Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hello Earth Science Pedagogy Seminar Students!

This is where we are going to blog about the teaching and learning of Earth Science - specifically within the context of Dr. Claiborne's EES 1510 course, Dynamic Earth: Introduction to Geological Sciences.

Blog posts will be completed most weeks of the semester. The blog leader(s) for the week (decided by you) will be the first to post for the week by 10pm on Sunday night, before the Wednesday seminar. The rest of you will respond thoughtfully to the blog leader's post by Tuesday evening at 6pm (although earlier is always welcome!!) Before class on Wednesday, the blog leader will review everyone's posts, prepare a short summary to kick off our seminar discussion that week, and select key ideas/questions that emerged from the posts to be the focus of the discussion. All blog posts should be about 100-300 words long.

Looking forward to unpacking what it takes to teach Earth Science with all of you!